August: Motor Cycle News (MCN) announces new Seeley Honda 750-4 frame kit. Cost £345. American Lester mag-alloy wheels extra.
December: MCN tests 812cc Dixon tuned Honda Seeley. Also in that issue is a competition to win a Seeley 750-4 with 4.5 gal alloy tank, dual seat, alloy wheels, S&W shocks and standard Honda 4-4 exhaust system, worth £1562.
January:US-Mag "Motorcyclist" features the famed Seeley-Frame. "Handsome is as handsome does."
June: Motor Cycle tests a Seeley F1: "John Nutting rides a fistful of Dynamite."
October: German "Motorrad" magazine publishes the first driving test and some technical details of a Seeley with german frame code, offered by Gundolf Birke, Hannover. The naked frame costs DM 3108,-. "Fahreindruck: Wie eine gute 500er!"
December: Motorrad corrects its article from october: the price includes tank and seat.
May: In the very first issue of SuperBike a series of articles about completing a Seeley kit is announced.
August: Seeley produces a brochure for K-series/F1/F2 single seat model with 5.5 gal hand beaten alloy 'supertank', glass seat, front guard and fairing. Taper roller head bearings top and bottom. Options: 4.5 gal tank with dual seat, Lester wheels, dual front Hunt discs, Avon Roadrunner tyres. Price of single seat model kit with Lester wheels £1295.
February: MCN publishes details of the latest Seeley model unveiled with ducktail style race seat, alloy finish ComStar wheels and nosefairing. Complete model with black F2 engine and black fork sliders costs £1915 plus VAT.
August: SuperBike´s Seeley gets a facelift and a performance boost by S&S Performance, Herfordshire.
October: SuperBike tests four cafe racers: Seeley Honda 812cc, Sanders&Lewis Suzuki GT750, Harris Kawasaki Z900, Dunstall Suzuki GS750. The Seeley runs 135mph at 10000rpm. ;-)



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