Polished nickel plated 11/8in 17-gauge Reynolds 531 chrome molybdenum duplex tube cradle frame, 13/4in 14 gauge Reynolds 531 swinging arm. Bronze (Type CZ 7 from Delta Ltd., Ipswich) welded.
28-degree steering head for high speed stability with taper roller bearings.
Phosphor bronze swinging arm bushes. Precision chain adjustment.


56.6in wheelbase, 30in seat height. Engine lower by O.5in, seat by 2in than original Honda. Ground clearance 6in, castor angle 62 deg, trail 9in. Turning cycle 18ft 10in.
Frame and swinging arm 12lb lighter than standard, total frame weight 34lb. Overall weight approx 480lb(weight reduction to original Honda about 40lb).


Honda CB750F SOHC, dry sump lubrication, four 28mm Keihin carburretors. 67 bhp at 8000rpm.


Wet, multiplate clutch and five-speed gearbox. Final drive chain 5/8 x 3/8in, rear chain length 98 links.


Honda telescopic 35mm front fork, pivoted rear fork with S&W spring damper units with multirate 95/125 lb/in springs.


Metric bolts.

4.5 gallon light alloy tank for dual seat, 5.5 gallon light alloy tank for single seat.
Colours: blue, white or red.


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